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I got an over the phone estimate over the phone for $1,400. I was rushed very quickly, because the person was being interrupted by other staff and phone calls. I got 3 calls to change the date. A date was set and the movers call the day before and said they are on their way. When they get there, they said you are not ready, I said you are a day early. The movers gave me a new quote of $4,880. It was reduced to $4,500. Sadly, I went ahead with the move. The driver was hinting at a tip from the beginning. The person at the office has no control with the movers and what they charged, I discovered. I have moved several times before, but I never felt so much, that these people do not know what they are doing. I thought it was just a sham. My advice, anytime you move get a physical estimate in writing. Don't do it over the phone or on line. Get a physical estimate.

I also had a car moved, too. The same thing, the date was changed 3 times, then they wanted to come early, but I would not be at the location to sign for the car. The property manager ended up doing it.

I would just say, stay away from Oasis. The person at office says alot, but none of it valid. The movers are only interested in getting their tip.

I just don't want someone to go through the same nightmare as me.

Best of luck with your move.

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